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Sin-Ming Chow

Specialist in Clinical Oncology
Private Practice

Dr. Chow Sin Ming graduated from University of Hong Kong Medical Faculty in 1987. She then received oncology training in the Department of Clinical Oncology in Queen Elizabeth Hospital and served there for 20 years. She now runs an oncology private practice.


Dr. Chow is the thyroid cancer expert in Hong Kong. While working in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, she organized and managed the thyroid cancer treatments in the Department of Oncology and established a thyroid cancer patient database. She also got special interest in treatment of head and neck cancer and lung cancers. As a reward to her contributions and achievement, she was awarded “Outstanding Staff Award” Queen Elizabeth Hospital in 2006. She obtained her Doctor of Medicine Degree from University of Hong Kong with her thesis on Thyroid Cancer in Hong Kong.


She had been serving the public by being a member of Radiation Board and the Human Organ Transplantation Board, Department of Health, Hong Kong.  For promotion of oncology knowledge to public, Dr. Chow is a committee member of education committee member Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society. For academic promotion in peers, Dr. Chow has been council member of Hong Kong Head and Neck Society and chairman of Hong Kong Thyroid Society. She was also an associate editor of the Hong Kong Journal of Radiologists for years.


Concerning her publications, she published extensively in thyroid cancer epidemiology, treatment and outcomes. Dr. Chow is also an advocate of cancer education, she has given speeches in numerous seminars targeting doctors, general public, and healthcare professionals.

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